Withdrawal without an agreement

The objective of Finland and the EU is to negotiate and conclude a withdrawal agreement that guarantees an orderly withdrawal of the UK from the EU. If the agreement does not enter into force the outcome is a withdrawal without an agreement. In this scenario, EU treaties and legal acts would cease to apply to the UK immediately.

In its conclusions, the European Council has repeatedly urged EU institutions, Member States and stakeholders to take effective steps to prepare for all possible outcomes, including the UK’s withdrawal without an agreement.

The Commission has published several legislative initiatives, communications and notices related to Brexit preparedness. The preparedness activities:

  • do not correspond or replace the benefits of EU membership or the arrangements of the future relationship 
  • are, as a general rule, temporary measures that are needed for minimising more serious disruption and that will last for approximately one year
  • are unilateral activities by the EU that can also be cancelled. 
  • The activities do not make up for any delays that could have been prevented had the stakeholders taken the appropriate preparedness steps.

In Finland, each ministry and administrative branch is responsible for its own preparedness for a no-deal Brexit. Brexit experts at the ministries and the contact information.