Withdrawal without an agreement: impact on businesses

It is possible that the UK will withdraw from the EU without an agreement. This scenario is called a no-deal Brexit. A no-deal Brexit would affect all companies that:

  • are engaged in import or export or investment activities with the UK, or
  • use content that originates from the UK in their production, such as raw materials, or services, such as cloud computing.

Following a no-deal Brexit, the UK will become a regular third country, with whom the EU will not have cooperation agreements or arrangements, excluding unilateral and temporary measures taken by the EU and the UK in some sectors. In general, this means that the free movement of goods, services, capital and people will end.

How these changes will affect a certain company depends on, among other things, the company's field of activity, location and position in the production chain. Below you will find examples of the changes caused by a no-deal Brexit. More specific information on sectors and products is available on the websites of the European Commission and the British Government.