Legislative Policy Committee

Comprising representatives from all of the ministries, the Legislative Policy Committee has the task of promoting and supporting the joint implementation of the Government's legislative policy objectives in all legislative drafting performed by the Government.

The Committee develops legislative drafting practices and processes within the ministries, for example by considering and preparing proposals on the following:

  • the monitoring of – and policy guidelines on – the implementation of the Government's legislative programme and other legislative policy;
  • the development of resources used for legislative drafting, and the organisation and development of drafting within the ministries;
  • the adoption of good legislative drafting practices as referred to by the project on effective legislative drafting;
  • open dialogue and the evaluation of alternatives and impacts during legislative drafting;
  • joint reporting by the ministries during the implementation of legislative policy, as part of the monitoring of the Government Programme performed in cooperation with the contact network established by the Prime Minister's Office; and
  • the Government's legislative drafting development projects and measures, as well as the promotion of their implementation.

Established by the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Justice, the Legislative Policy Committee will continue operating until 31 March 2015. The Committee reports to the Ministry of Justice and the Prime Minister's Office and, if necessary, to the Meeting of Permanent Secretaries. Counsellor Sirpa Kekkonen of the Prime Minister's Office chairs the Cooperation Group, and Planning Officer Outi Slant of the Ministry of Justice acts as secretary.