Maritime policy

Photo: Jan Ekebom

Finland’s goal is to develop maritime policy into one of the country’s key strengths. The Government decided on the guidelines for maritime policy in 2019 and drew up an action plan based on the guidelines in March 2022. These documents form the framework for developing maritime policy.

The key priorities for maritime policy are the protection of the seas, the maritime cluster, and marine production. The policy guidelines and action plan specify the focus areas of Finland’s maritime policy, which extends to the oceans, and determine the measures needed to reach Finland’s maritime policy objectives.

In 2017, the UN General Assembly designated 2021–2030 as the UN Decade of Ocean Science to support marine research in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Finland’s objectives – clean, healthy and resilient oceans and seas – are in line with the global priorities for the decade. Further objectives include maintaining a sustainable blue economy, improving preparedness for changes in marine environments and ocean-related hazards, and increasing people’s understanding of oceans and seas.

The Prime Minister’s Office has the overall responsibility for coordinating and developing maritime policy in Finland. Other ministries are responsible for various areas of maritime policy within their competence.