Meeting of the Permanent Secretaries

The Meeting of Permanent Secretaries functions as a cooperation group within which high-level public servants harmonise Government activities as a whole, and serves as a forum for central government leadership.

It is particularly tasked with reinforcing the cross-sectoral implementation of the Government Programme and providing support for the Government in relation to broad-based, strategically important issues. The Meeting of Permanent Secretaries also considers other projects and overarching issues that require state governance and which may extend beyond a single term of government.

The Meeting of Permanent Secretaries is a standing cooperative body for the permanent secretaries of the various ministries. The State Secretary to the Prime Minister chairs meetings of this body, at which an appointee from the Prime Minister's Office acts as secretary. The Government Rules of Procedure and the Decree on the Prime Minister's Office serve as the legislative basis for the Meeting of Permanent Secretaries.