Preparedness and management of incidents and emergencies

The Government, ministries and competent authorities are responsible for preparedness related to comprehensive security, incident management and running of operations. These functions are managed under the existing statutory powers.

The Prime Minister’s Office coordinates the management of different incidents and emergencies and the related government communications.

Ministerial committees, meetings of Permanent Secretaries, meetings of the Heads of Preparedness, and other permanent inter-ministerial cooperation bodies may participate in preparations to manage incidents. Depending on the kind of incidence, the Security Committee may also be consulted. The Security Committee is not, however, responsible for the management or steering of incidents and emergencies.

Meeting of the Heads of Preparedness

The meetings of the Heads of Preparedness are chaired by the Director of Government Security at the Prime Minister’s Office. The Heads of Preparedness coordinate measures among the ministries in any security situation. Coordination of duties in incidents is required to ensure smooth functioning of authorities’ activities.

In each ministry, the Head of Preparedness is assisted by a Preparedness Committee and Preparedness Secretary.