Working at the Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister’s Office employs over 600 people and consists of five departments: the EU Affairs Department, the Ownership Steering Department, the Communications Department, the Strategy Department and the Administration Department. The office also has four separate units: the Human Resources Unit, the Session Unit, the Finance Unit and the Preparedness Unit.

The Prime Minister's Office is one of the twelve ministries. It assists the Prime Minister and the Government in their work and provides services for government agencies and the wider public. It also coordinates issues relating to the European Union and its future development, provides for the ownership steering of state-owned companies and sets out guidelines for the Government's strategic communications.

In addition, the Prime Minister's Office steers and develops common administrative and specialist services of the government and its ministries. The Prime Minister's Office coordinates a variety of special research and cross-cutting projects and oversees the activities of a number of bodies operating on a permanent and temporary basis. 

Who are we?

The Prime Minister's Office offers a wide range of interesting tasks. Some of us work in expert positions relating to EU affairs, state ownership steering, communications or financial administration. The office also employs many professionals in positions relating to joint services for the ministries, such as in-house services and transportation, translation, and information management.

Our wide array of tasks means that the office has employees from a variety of educational backgrounds with work experience from both the public and private sectors. The most common degrees held by our employees are Master of Social Sciences, Master of Arts and Master of Laws. The majority of employees with a degree from a university of applied sciences are Bachelors of Business Administration. The average age of employees at the Prime Minister’s Office is slightly under 50 years. 

Doing meaningful work together

The Prime Minister's Office is a unique workplace that offers meaningful work at the heart of central government. The office promotes collaboration between the Government and the branches of administration. As a coordinating body for the Government’s work, the office takes a cross-cutting approach to its tasks and services and works closely with the other ministries.  

At the Prime Minister’s Office, we value the development of our expertise and work. As an expert organisation, we feel that personal development is an integral part of our work and we encourage everyone to find their own unique way to deepen and broaden their expertise. We encourage independent ways of working and personal development through training, networking and interesting tasks. 

We value our well-functioning work community and good leadership. We make changes together and make sure that everyone in the workplace collaborates and shares information. 

Vacancies at the Prime Minister's Office 

Do you want to help develop a unified and smoothly functioning central government? Join our community of experts by applying for vacancies in the Prime Minister's Office through the recruitment service. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.


Every year, the Prime Minister's Office employs dozens of university trainees in its different departments and units. Traineeships are available for students in a variety of fields. Our trainees include students in law, political science, economics and information science, as well as communications, languages and IT. We also offer traineeships to students studying to be executive assistants or students in the security, tourism and restaurant sectors.

The number and focus of traineeships varies from year to year, so be sure to check for new postings! 

The Prime Minister's Office announces its traineeships for university students in November or December. Traineeships for students at universities of applied sciences are published on a staggered basis in spring and early autumn. 

Traineeships are compiled and listed on the following websites: