Development project published recommendations for the next Government

A strategic approach to Government policy is recommended as the best operating model for the next Government as well. However, in many respects the procedures adopted in the current government term should be further strengthened. The recommendations have been prepared in a project of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Finance, also supported by a parliamentary group. Development project published recommendations for the next Government on Thursday 31 January 2019.

Goals: Better coordination of the policy and resource processes, Strengthening the joint government communications, More effective coordination and implementation of government policy, Ensuring policy preparation that extends across parliamentary terms


A strategy needed for Government policy

Press release 31.1.2019 9.30

Contact details

Jouni Varanka, Ministerial Adviser 
Prime Minister's Office, Government Strategy Department, Policy Planning Unit Telephone:0295160177   Email Address:

Project work and objectives

The project will prepare concrete recommendations by the end of 2018 for new procedures and instruments for use by the next government.

Project work and objectives

GDP+ sub-project

The project on broader use of information on wellbeing that supplements GDP information used for government decision-making purposes (GDP+) aims to facilitate information-based decision making. The group is a sub-group under the project to develop strategic leadership instruments in government.

GDP+ sub-project

OHRA Project

The project to reform the Government’s steering framework (OHRA) put forward a number of proposals in January 2015 for improving the effectiveness of government actions. Prime Minister Sipilä’s Government adopted the strategic government programme model that was formulated in the project.

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