Promoting equality

On 31 August 2023, the Government issued a statement to Parliament on promoting equality, gender equality and non-discrimination in Finnish society. The statement contains a variety of measures aiming to promote equality and combat racism. Many of them are based on the Government Programme, but the statement also includes several new measures.

The Government has set up a project to oversee the implementation of the measures. Its term will run from 16 November 2023 to 31 March 2027. A knowledge base on discrimination and racism is also being compiled to support the implementation. The measures outlined in the statement are being planned and implemented in several ministries. Many of the measures will continue for the duration of the government term.

A political steering group consisting of State Secretaries has been appointed for the project. Its members are

  • Risto Artjoki, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo, Ministry of Finance
  • Mikaela Nylander, Ministry of Education and Culture, and
  • Päivi Nerg, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

All ministries are part of the project’s cross-administrative working group. The project’s secretariat operates within the Prime Minister’s Office and works closely with the Ministry of Justice, which is the government body responsible for promoting equality.

The project will engage in active stakeholder cooperation during its term and has a budget of EUR 6 million.

Government measures based on the statement

The Government is preparing to continue the Equal Finland action plan, implemented in 2021–23, based on the Government Programme. The Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office will lead the preparation of the plan and the coordination and monitoring of its measures. The Government will allocate sufficient resources to the measures within the spending limits in the government budget session.

The Government will take into account the EU Anti-racism Action Plan 2020–2025 when drawing up its plan. The Government will assess the situation and the need for further measures in its mid-term policy review session in 2025. The continuing work under the plan will be carried out in a way that encourages broad participation and will make use of the consultations carried out when preparing this statement. The continuation of the action plan will include, among others, the measures listed below.