Provisions and instructions on government communications

Central Government Communications Guidelines

The Central Government Communications Guidelines explains the values governing communications, outlines the duties and describes the changes in the field of communications and how these changes impact public authorities. It serves as a basis for different government organisations to draw up their own more detailed communications guidelines. The guidelines were revised in November 2016.

Provisions, instructions and recommendations on government communications

  • Constitution of Finland (731/1999)
  • Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999)
  • Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003)
  • Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector (13/2003)
  • Personal Data Act (523/1999)
  • Language Act (423/2003)
  • Saami Language Act (1086/2003)
  • Copyright Act (404/1961)
  • Non-Discrimination Act (21/2004)
  • Act on cooperation in government agencies and public bodies (1233/2013)
  • Emergency Powers Act (1552/2011)
  • State of Defence Act (1083/1991)
  • Act on Yleisradio Oy (Finnish Broadcasting Company) (1380/1993)
  • Act on Television and Radio Operations (744/1998)
  • Communicable Diseases Act (583/1986)
  • Act on security research (525/2011)
  • The Decree on the Openness of Government Activities and Good Data Management Practices (1030/1999)
  • Security Strategy for Society (2010)
  • Resolution on comprehensive security (2012)
  • Guidelines for emergency warnings (2013)