Minister for European Affairs Tuppurainen to the General Affairs Council on cohesion policy

Government Communications Department 24.6.2019 17.46
Press release 341/2019

On 25 June, Minister for European Affairs Tytti Tuppurainen will attend the General Affairs Council on cohesion policy in Luxembourg. At the Council meeting the current Presidency Romania will give an overview of the progress made in the negotiations on cohesion policy, i.e. the legislative package for cohesion policy 2021–2027. Also on the agenda is a discussion on the link between cohesion policy and the European Semester.

Finland considers that cohesion policy is a key financial instrument of the EU to promote sustainable growth, employment and competence building in all regions of the Union. Finland is also in favour of strengthening the priorities and monitoring of the European Semester and structural fund programmes. A position on a sufficient level of funding will be prepared later in the context of the entire financial framework.

During Finland’s Presidency the processing of the legislative package for cohesion policy will continue in trilogue with the European Parliament.

The purpose of economic and social cohesion is to reduce disparities in the levels of development of different regions. In the most recent Treaty, i.e. the Treaty of Lisbon, a new element was added to cohesion, which is why we now talk about economic social and regional cohesion. Through the cohesion policy funds, hundreds of thousands of projects are being implemented all over Europe.

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