The Prime Minister's Office appointed the project on the Government Report on the Future on 20 March 2012. On 30 October 2013, the Government decided to submit the Government Report on the Future to Parliament. The first parliamentary debate on the report took place on 7 November 2013. The Committee for the Future drafted a report on the Report on the Future and on 1 October 2014, Parliament decided to adopt a position in line with the Committee’s report.

Project phases

1. Foresight-insight work phase

The aim was to come up with perspectives for future choices that would provide opportunities and decisions with which to generate and maintain sustainable growth and well-being. Partners of the Prime Minister's Office in this phase included the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Academy of Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The foresight phase was carried out in two parts:

  • In the first part, citizens were encouraged to present their views via web questionnaires and discussions, the background material was analysed and workshops organised. Based on this work, six areas relating to sustainable growth and well-being were selected as the project's key themes. The first part of the foresight phase ended in spring 2012.
  • The second part of the foresight work started in summer 2012. The selected foresight themes were discussed in working groups which considered possible future visions for 2030 and sought paths with which to attain the future goals. At the same time, regional consultation forums were planned and organised in seven different places around Finland. The foresight phase was brought to a conclusion in early 2013 and the foresight report published on 14 February 2013.

2. Strategy phase

The strategy phase outlined the Government's vision for the future and the associated lines of action. The phase started in early 2013 and ended when the report was submitted to Parliament.

3. Implementation phase

Implementation started after the report was published and the focus is on achieving reforms through experiments, developing a national operating model for foresight activities, and increasing the use of open data opportunities. The outlines proposed in the Government Report on the Future served the ministries as they worked on their respective future reviews, published in September 2014.