Common key pillars agreed for the social security reform 

Key pillars for the social security reform on which the future social security system should build have been agreed in a parliamentary process. The work was concerned with identifying the value choices that require political decisions to be made. There is a strong consensus on proceeding with the reform step-by-step. The purpose of the Toimi project on basic social security and activity (Toimi) was to support policy-makers and political parties preparing for the parliamentary elections in deciding on their views regarding the social security reform.

In the project shared views were drawn up on the grounds for the reform and premises for the next government terms. The project offers material for decision-making to make it easier to carry through a major overhaul of the social security system. 

Social security reform: Grounds and premises

Press release 25.2.2019

Why do we need social security reform?


What will be the key pillars of Finland’s social security system?