Social Security 2030 – alternatives 

The Toimi project on basic security and activity is preparing perspectives on Social Security 2013 solutions to support the decision-making and work of the next government. 

The alternatives are currently in the drafting stage and they will be modified as the work progresses. Earlier versions and broader descriptions which contain the initial assumptions regarding the current state of society and the role of the individual are available in Finnish on our website:
Alternatives , June 2018

The preliminary outlines of the different options are based on the policies formed by the project’s monitoring group on 24 May 2018 based on the option map. 
Map of alternatives (in Finnish)

Objectives and premises of proposed alternatives

  • The objective is a comprehensive overhaul that is carried out in stages – not the fine tuning of individual issues
  • The possibilities offered by digitalisation and artificial intelligence will be made use of
  • Fiscal sustainability will be taken into account given the currently weakening dependency ratio in Finland

Objectives common to all alternatives

  • To construct a clearer system and to join benefits together into broader entities.
  • To shift from a policy of punishing and cuts to one of positive rewarding.