Translation and language services

The Prime Minister’s Office provides translation and language services for all ministries. Translated texts include government proposals, legislation, press releases, ministers’ speeches and other documents. The Prime Minister’s Office mainly produces translations from Finnish into Swedish, English and Russian and procures translations into other languages from external service providers.

The Translation and Language Division also issues recommendations on terminology, compiles glossaries, maintains the Government Termbank Valter, and advises on and develops the quality of the administrative language used by the ministries. The Secretariat of Government Swedish Language Board also operates from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Press releases and news

Terms and style of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union

15.7.2019 11.48
Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union started on 1 July. The Presidency website is being produced in five languages. This means the Translation and Language Division of the Prime Minister’s Office will be kept busy all year, because we will be translating material into several languages for around 140 meetings being organised in Finland during the Presidency.

Terminology of topical legislative projects published: health and social services reform, new counties, and intelligence gathering

1.2.2019 10.16
The Translation and Language Division of the Prime Minister's Office prepares glossaries of topical terms. The most recent lists of terms are related to the health, social services and regional government reform and the intelligence gathering legislation, prepared in the ministries and discussed in Parliament. The Prime Minister's Office has now published three new glossaries to harmonise the use of terminology in Finnish, Swedish and English.