Use of information in decision-making

The preparation and implementation of social policies, and the related decision-making should be based on well-researched information. Society’s continuous development will be encouraged by ensuring long-term steering of decision-making, based on experiences gained and information on impacts.

To achieve this goal, a systematic operating model is needed, to ensure the creation of a strong and horizontal knowledge base in support of societal decision-making and measures. The operating model will be developed as part of a comprehensive reform of state research institutes and research funding.

The coordination of the state’s sectoral research in support of decision-making is one of the Prime Minister’s Office's responsibility areas. This includes:

  • coordination of Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities;
  • proposals on key theme areas and priorities for strategic research presented annually to the Government on the basis of the inititive of the Council for Strategic Research;
  • cooperation with ministries, bodies producing analysis, assessment and research information, research financiers, businesses and other organisations.