Foresight activities and work on the future

Our operating environment is changing fast. Future challenges will be multidimensional and interdependent. We live in a world in which decision-making requires a broad understanding of complex wholes. Foresight activities, which sketch out future development paths, represent an attempt to satisfy the need for such knowledge.

Foresight work assists in preparing for the future; it is not forecasting or drafting strategies. It aims at building a common future on the most well-founded information or perspectives possible. Finland and Finnish organisations are among the world’s leading producers of foresight data. In Finland, a number of actors both in private and public sectors are involved in foresight activities.

The Prime Minister's Office is playing an active role in national foresight cooperation In this, it is tasked with supporting foresight activities and networking. Examples of such work include the Government Report on the Future, prepared once each electoral term, and futures reviews whose preparation is performed by the various ministries and coordinated by the Prime Minister's Office.

Contact information

Kaisa Oksanen, Senior specialist 
Prime Minister's Office, Politiikka-analyysiyksikkö 0295160430