Economic Council meetings

Meetings 2016

November (23.11.): Finland in global value chains
August (30.8.): Fourth Industrial Revolution
June (1.6.): Employment of immigrants
May (11.5.): Monetary policy and the state of the banking system
April (13.4.): Government Report on the Future related to the transformation of work
March (9.3.): The views of companies on climate policy guidelines
February (3.2.): Paris Climate Change Conference outcomes and next steps

Meetings 2015

November (18.11.): Measures to promote companies’ investments
October (19.10.): Trends and outlook of companies’ investments
September (9.9.): Budget proposal for 2016
June (24.6.): Main elements of the Government economic policy
March (11.3.): Final report on economic policy choices for the next parliamentary term – final report
February (25.2.): ECB's monetary policy measures and financial framework options of the social welfare and health care reform
January (14.1.): Final report on economic policy choices for the next parliamentary term – interim report

Meetings 2014

December (10.12.): Globalisation of value networks and economic policy
November (12.11.): Medium-term economic policy choices
October (15.10.): Pension scheme impact assessment and credit rating decision
September - no meetings
August (13.8.): Cost and income developments and outline of the 2015 budget proposal
June (11.6.) 2014: Corporate ownership in Finland
May (14.5.): Monetary policy in the euro area
April (7.4.): Energy market and regional development
March: No meetings
February (25.2.): Economic outlook and fiscal policy
February (12.2.): OECD country review, Finland
January: No meetings

Meetings 2013

December (18.12.): Future of the business sector and the labour market – conclusions
November (20.11.): Future of the labour market
October (16.10.): Future of the Finnish business sector
September (18.9.): Government's structural policy programme
August (19.8.): Cost and income development and outline for budget 2014
June (19.6.): Interim report of the pensions working group
May (30.5.): Economic outlook in Europe and Finland
April (24.4.): State of financial markets
March (27.3.): Industrial policy and companies’ operating conditions
February (27.2.): Low-paid work in Finland
January (23.1.): Economic outlook and policy options

Meetings 2012

November (12.11.): Competitiveness and supply of labour – what can we learn from the Swedish experience?
October (24.10.): Government foresight report on Finland’s future prospects for growth
September (26.9.): Factors affecting the current account and possible solutions to the euro crisis
August (21.8.): Labour supply, competitiveness and outlines of the 2013 budget proposal
June (13.6.): Purchasing power and cost-competitiveness
May (16.5.): Labour market performance, promotion of  labour supply, and Finland's global economic challenges to 2030
April (11.4.): Financial market, the euro area monetary policy, and national EU programmes
March (21.3.): Capital market strategy and the Government decision on spending limits
February (22.2.): Investment strategy
January (10.1): Finland vs. Sweden - Challenges and options for economic policy