Government report on the future 2013

On Wednesday 30 October 2013, the Government adopted a Report on the Future focusing on well-being and sustainable growth. In its report, the Government outlines opportunities for creating the sustainable growth that will safeguard well-being in the future.

Government Report on the Future 2013: Well-being through sustainable growth 

Government's vision for Finland in 2030

According to the Government's vision, in 2030 Finland will be a good place to live a meaningful and valued life. Finnish expertise and economic growth will have created the basis for well-being. Finland will have succeeded in building sustainable growth based on the country’s unique success factors, bearing its responsibilities both in Finland and globally. Growth will have promoted the well-being of citizens within the limits of the planetary boundaries. This is the responsibility of the whole of society, and all communities and individuals.

The report highlights paths for the future

The report is not an action programme - instead, it seeks to highlight factors and development paths that will facilitate sustainable growth in the future. To create this future, we need faster action and learning through doing, rather than more planning. Finland cannot copy the required solutions from elsewhere, but must find novel, original solutions that provide us with the keys to a successful future. For the first time, a separate foresight phase formed part of the government report’s preparation.

Preparation of the report was led by a Government-appointed ministerial working group representing all parties in Government. The working group was chaired by Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori.

New approaches to the Report on the Future

For the first time, a separate foresight phase was linked to the preparation of the Government Report on the Future, aimed at finding new directions for Finland in a new way. The foresight phase was implemented in collaboration between the Prime Minister’s Office, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Academy of Finland, and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, alongside a host of independent specialists and experts from research institutions, enterprises and NGOs. The Prime Minister’s Office thanks all parties involved in the preparation.

In addition, discussions were held on the report website at and at seven locations in Finland in the autumn of 2012. In these, citizens were urged to come forward with ideas, and to discuss and ponder Finland’s future and the possibilities that lie ahead. Discussions on the website touched also on the contents of the report and possible future steps. A proposal for a shared national foresight approach was also drafted as part of the Report on the Future.

Parliament has discussed the Government  Report on the Future

On 1 October, Parliament adopted a position on the Report on the Future, in line with the report by the Committee for the Future.

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