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Organisations and researchers shared their views on Finland’s future issues

Government Communications Department 8.12.2017 15.54 | Published in English on 8.12.2017 at 16.47
Press release 581/2017

The Finnish ability to adapt to changes, our opportunities to participate in building the Finnish society and the harnessing of new technology to sustainable development emerged as key issues when a large number of organisations and researchers gathered together to share their views on Finland’s challenges in the 2020s. Prime Minister Juha Sipilä had invited representatives from more than 50 organisations to the event ‘Towards the next hundred years’.

The organisations’ representatives discussed Finland’s future challenges in working groups. They then selected the most important issues from all the themes discussed during the day.

“For me, one of the most inspiring issues was how we can keep our mind open to change,” said Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.

The event contributes to the Government report on the future. The goal is to seek answers to the issues discussed in the event during Prime Minister Sipilä’s tour of universities in spring 2018.

“Our work today will serve even Finland’s next Government and the authors of government programmes, because there is not enough time to properly identify key issues during Government formation talks. Finland needs a common understanding of our future challenges. That is why the preparation of the Government report on the future is one of the most important issues I will be working on next spring”, Prime Minister Sipilä said.


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