Challenges of the Baltic Sea and on Baltic Sea Policy

Government Report

The report outlines the Government’s measures to improve the marine environment of the Baltic Sea, to increase the safety of marine traffic and to strengthen economic cooperation in the region.

The report concentrates on actions that, for Finland, are the most important and most urgent in terms of the Baltic Sea. The most serious problem concerning the Baltic Sea is eutrophication. In the report, the Government proposes measures that would decrease the nutrient load from Finland.

The report brings forward measures to improve the safety of marine traffic, to prevent accidents in advance and to improve oil-spill response capabilities.

The part on the economy, transport and energy discusses issues that are of key importance to Finland. These issues are treated more comprehensively in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

The report also briefly discusses the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and its external dimension, the Northern Dimension, which provides a functional forum for Baltic Sea cooperation with non-EU countries, particularly Russia.