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Futures reviews: Finland adapting to global transformation using its own strengths

Government Communications Department
4.6.2018 9.18
Press release 291/2018

In the global transformation, Finland is finding its place by means of its strengths, by actively influencing and adapting. The power shifts, new technology, inter-administrative solutions, security threats, transformation of work, diminishing natural resources and many other trends in today’s world are all impacting the future of Finland. These are some of the issues examined in the futures reviews recently published by the ministries.

Finland needs to find the ways to take part in the value creation in this global process and focus on the competitive edge that Finland has in areas such as clean food and water, biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources. At the same time, Finland needs inter-administrative solutions in reforming social protection, urban development, emissions reductions and transport and telecommunications infrastructures.

New technologies must be adopted in a responsible manner. To do so, we need excellence in legislation and action that places international cooperation at the core of its work. The basic legal framework must also be up to date.

Power shifts, technological advances and the complexity of levers are reshaping international relations. Finland’s policy mix is a combination of influencing changes and adapting. Finland aims to be the safest country in the world, which is equally safe for everyone. By improving the services in internal security, the differences in security between different population groups can be levelled out. The technological revolution and new operational dimensions, such as cyber capabilities and space, will affect security and all areas of defence.

The current broadly and rapidly growing economy is not forecast to continue growing much longer. Indeed, the medium-term projection for Finland’s economic growth is still very modest. Solutions to the transformation of work and the economy are being sought by raising the level of education and skills and by ensuring lifelong learning. With a unified government organisation that is forward-looking and has regenerative capacity, we are better equipped to respond to future challenges and the pressures brought by a changing world. The long-term objective is sustainable development.

Futures reviews published for the fifth time

The futures reviews of the ministries describe Finland’s key questions in the years ahead. Their purpose is to assess situations and developments in society and examine issues for political decision making. The aim is to generate public debate and provide information for the forthcoming elections and government formation talks.

This is the fifth time the futures reviews were drawn up. The earlier ones were published in 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2014. The ministries’ foresight working group coordinates the drafting process and has members from each ministry.

The futures reviews are available on the webpages of the Prime Minister's Office (in Finnish).

As part of their foresight activities, the ministries published drivers for change cards (in Finnish) in October 2017, which serve as a basis for the futures reviews.

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